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Top 16 Best SEO Experts in Bangladesh To Follow In 2023 (SEO GURU)

Searching for the top best SEO experts in Bangladesh? Look no further! This comprehensive guide profiles the leading search engine optimization specialists in the country who can take your website to the next level.

Whether you need to boost traffic, improve rankings, or build authority, these SEO gurus have the skills to make it happen. Trust us; with their expertise, your website will be climbing the Google rankings faster than a spider monkey on a caffeine high.

We scoured the internet to find the best of the best—these Bangladeshi SEO experts are the real deal. Working with them is like getting a golden ticket to the chocolate factory of organic search visibility. So let’s cut the jibber jabber and dive right in!

1. Siam Siddique

Siam Siddique
Siam Siddique

When you Google “Best Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh“, Siam’s website ranks number 1—proof of his local SEO prowess.

With 3 years of experience working as the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, Siam is a white hat SEO service provider specializing in local SEO. His goal is to optimize his online presence and improve search visibility for businesses.

Siam utilizes ethical and effective strategies to boost rankings, increase organic traffic, and drive targeted leads. If you want a dedicated expert to boost your online visibility through legitimate SEO, look no further!

LinkedIn Profile: Siam Siddique

2. Faruk Khan

MD Faruk Khan
MD Faruk Khan

Faruk Khan is an SEO mastermind with a magic touch for search engine rankings. He seamlessly leverages the latest SEO strategies to amplify online visibility and direct tidal waves of traffic to websites.

Moreover, Faruk can optimize your content to turn your website into a profit-generating workhorse. His SEO superpowers will help you dominate the SERPs and accomplish your business goals faster than you can say, “Google loves me!”

With his tremendous expertise as an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, engaging Faruk is a surefire way to achieve your objectives. This guy literally breathes, eats, and sleeps SEO—he’s got your back!

LinkedIn Profile: Faruk Khan

3. Niloy


Niloy brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked for a prominent SEO agency in Bangladesh throughout his career. Leveraging his extensive knowledge, he decided to start his own SEO firm in Bangladesh.

For the past 8 years, Niloy has worked as an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, not just servicing local companies but also providing SEO training. He has conducted SEO training at many institutes across Bangladesh. With his expert SEO profile, he gained immense popularity amongst all SEO companies in Bangladesh.

An SEO provider in Bangladesh needs to have all the skills an SEO specialist requires, and this guy checks all the boxes and even draws outside the lines!

LinkedIn Profile: Niloy

4. Shakil Ahmmed

Shakil Ahmmed
Shakil Ahmmed

Shakil Ahmmed is a Bangladesh-based certified web designer and SEO consultant. He has been serving as an internet marketing advisor for his clients since March 2015.

Shakil is always ready to provide top notch SEO services, including Google Penalty Recovery for Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and any other current Google updates. He even knows that Google recently deindexed PBNs—this guy really knows his algorithms!

Plus, none of his websites have ever been penalized by Google, despite having over 10 years of experience. Clearly, he’s got some serious SEO skills up his sleeve!

LinkedIn Profile: Shakil Ahmmed

5. Mehedi Hasan Zihad

Mehedi Hasan Zihad
Mehedi Hasan Zihad

Mehedi works in a very systematic way; he first properly optimizes websites with his on-page SEO service to understand how the website currently functions. Next, he carefully analyzes the website structure and content formatting.

He then identifies all the issues with the website and logs them in an XL sheet. Mehdi also examines the website’s content structure to see if it’s user- and search engine-friendly.

The third step is fixing the issues with your live website. He provides over 100 SEO checklists that can help improve SERP performance and Google ranking. Finally, he creates an XL sheet and delivers the complete report to the client.

Through this process, his clients learn to leverage the website and take it to the next level. Now that’s what we call SEO genius!

LinkedIn Profile: Mehedi Hasan Zihad

6. Muradul Hasan

Muradul Hasan
Muradul Hasan

Murad Hasan is a professional SEO expert in Bangladesh with a Google Analytics certification. He boasts extensive expertise in SEO and a proven track record in the marketing and advertising industry.

On top of that, Murad works full-time as an SEO specialist. With over five years of experience, he brings confidence and passion to every project. He has successfully completed several Google certifications, including Basic to Advanced SEO, Blogging, Google Ads, Google Analytics, AdSense, and more.

Clearly, Murad has all the SEO skills to push your website up the Google ladder!

LinkedIn Profile: Muradul Hasan

7. Ratul Roy

Ratul Roy
Ratul Roy

Ratul Roy is the youngest white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh. He kicked off his career as a freelance SEO specialist in Bangladesh at the age of just 16.

Individually, Ratul has completed SEO work for over 50 local businesses. Additionally, as a freelancer, he has delivered over 50 SEO projects. Now, along with his full team, he provides SEO services globally. What’s more, Ratul has trained many other SEO experts in Bangladesh.

At his young age, Ratul has quickly become a leading SEO expert in the country!

LinkedIn Profile: Ratul Roy

8. Asif Anwer

Asif Anwer
Asif Anwer

Mr. Asif Anwar has been providing SEO services to businesses since 2003, honing his skills and gaining unparalleled expertise over almost two decades.

With his SEO proficiency, Asif helps both small and large enterprises. He possesses in-depth knowledge across several sectors, including SEO.

Asif’s nearly 20 years of seasoned SEO experience speak for themselves—this guy clearly knows his stuff!

LinkedIn Profile: Asif Anwer

9. Abul Kashem

Abul Kashem
Abul Kashem

Abul Kashem is regarded as a top SEO expert in Bangladesh. He founded Prayogik so people could learn SEO and get bootcamp-style training.

Abul genuinely believes proper education and training help everyone achieve their full potential. He created Hyraoo, a platform connecting local talent with online businesses.

His upranking team includes several SEO professionals. This business has been delivering reliable services since 2008. Through this platform, Kashem assists both small and major companies.

Leveraging his extensive expertise and skills, Mr. Kashem gives businesses an SEO boost!

LinkedIn Profile: Abul Kashem

10. Taher Chowdhury Sumon

Taher Chowdhury Sumon
Taher Chowdhury Sumon

Tahir Choudhry is a leading SEO expert in Bangladesh, servicing clients worldwide. He is known for conducting lectures on SEO best practices.

With his vast knowledge of SEO techniques, he has catered to many clients to date. Tahir has 4 years of experience in SEO and knows how to manage traffic on any website.

Companies in Bangladesh hire him for their SEO projects and are always happy with his work and dedication.

LinkedIn Profile: Taher Chowdhury Sumon

11. Maqsood Rehman

Maqsood Rehman
Maqsood Rehman

With almost two decades of experience in SEO, Maqsood boldly claims to offer the best search engine optimization services in Bangladesh, with a long track record of satisfied clients to back it up.

As an SEO expert for many large organizations in Bangladesh and abroad, Maqsood can help clients with all aspects of SEO success, from extensive research to technical troubleshooting to rank better on Google’s first page.

Over his entire career, Maqsood has gained industry-specific experience that allows him to bring more credibility and insight to every SEO project.

When it comes to SEO, Maqsood clearly knows the ropes inside out!

LinkedIn Profile: Maqsood Rahman

12. Hridoy Chowdhury

Hridoy Chowdhury
Hridoy Chowdhury

Hridoy Chowdhury is a well-known figure in organic SEO and has trained many in organic SEO, local SEO, and e-commerce SEO.

He has ranked numerous sites, including targeting his own site for the keyword “Best SEO Expert in Sylhet”.

Currently based in the UK, Hridoy possesses proven expertise in organic and local SEO.

LinkedIn Profile: Hridoy Chowdhury

13. Masud Rahman

Masud Rahman
Masud Rahman

Masud Rahman is regarded as the top SEO expert in Bangladesh. He has ranked countless affiliate and rank-and-rent sites on Google and other search engines.

His core SEO skills include keyword research, topical authority creation, on-page optimization, link building, local SEO, and SEO-optimized article writing.

Masud’s optimization skills give sites the golden goose boost on Google—his way of writing and optimization really work SEO magic!

He has generated thousands of dollars through SEO by building successful online businesses. As a white-hat SEO expert, Masud usually ranks websites adhering to Google’s guidelines.

Throughout his long SEO career, he has recovered many penalized sites and ranked them again—he really knows his stuff! For the best organic and local SEO results, Masud is the go-to guy. He understands the real art and science behind ranking and banking on any site.

LinkedIn Profile: Masud Rahman

14. Saif Khan

Saif Khan
Saif Khan

Sohaib Bin Saif Khan, better known as Saif Khan, is a leading SEO expert in Bangladesh. He founded his own SEO agency, Rank and Trend, in Dhaka, regarded as the best in the city.

Saif has ranked numerous sites through his brilliant organic SEO skills. He has done outstanding work in local SEO and enterprise SEO.

He took training from globally renowned SEO experts like Matt Diggity, Brian Dean, and Neil Patel.

Clearly, Saif has learned from the absolute best—his SEO skills are world-class!

LinkedIn Profile: Sohaib Bin Saif Khan

15. Khalid Farhan

Khalid Farhan
Khalid Farhan

Khalid Farhan is a household name in Bangladesh and one of Southeast Asia’s top ten influencers.

He founded two digital marketing agencies: Gorilla Digital and Hustle Friday Digital. Khalid is one of the leading SEO experts in Bangladesh.

From affiliate sites to lead generation, he has ranked hundreds of websites on Google. His claim to fame? Ranking himself as the “Best Looking Guy in Bangladesh” for a top SERP spot—true SEO genius!

Although not the most handsome in reality, this example perfectly displays his mastery over SEO.LinkedIn Profile: Khalid Farhan

16. Nasir Uddin Shamim

Nasir Uddin Shamim
Nasir Uddin Shamim

Nasir Uddin Shamim, the brain behind NShamim.Com, a charity project giving back to the community. With 10+ years of SEO experience, Nasir shares his wisdom on this blog, helping locals kickstart their SEO journey in Bangla.

Since launching his Bangla SEO Tutorial video blog, it’s been a hit! With 725k views and 4 million minutes of watch time, people worldwide are learning SEO and Internet Marketing for free.

Nasir aims to make this site the ultimate hub for SEO, Online Marketing, and Outsourcing, fighting unemployment in Bangladesh.

Looking for an organized library of Bangla SEO videos? It’s a work in progress. Nasir did his best, but he’s no librarian. 

Questions or topic requests? Use the contact form in the menu. In the meantime, explore the marketing tutorials; Nasir believes it’s one of Bangla’s largest Online Marketing Resource hubs. 

LinkedIn Profile: Nasir Uddin Shamim


These top 16 best SEO experts in Bangladesh are your surefire path to online success. With their SEO prowess, your website’s ranking will skyrocket faster than a caffeine-fueled monkey.

Join forces with these professionals for improved search engine visibility. They’re the champions of the digital realm, eliminating the need for further search. Let them guide your website to the top, ensuring its online prominence. Say goodbye to obscurity and embrace success with Bangladesh’s finest SEO experts. Your journey to the summit starts here.


What makes a good SEO expert in Bangladesh?

A top best SEO expert in Bangladesh has in-depth knowledge of on-page and off-page optimization, excellent research skills, creativity, analytical thinking, and ethical practices. They stay updated on algorithms and leverage white-hat techniques to achieve long-term rankings.

How can I find the best SEO expert in Bangladesh?

Search online directories, ask for referrals from your network, evaluate portfolios, verify certifications, read reviews, and shortlist a few experts. Interview them to gauge their knowledge, skills, experience, communication style, and pricing to find the best fit.

What SEO services do experts in Bangladesh offer?

Top SEO experts in Bangladesh offer a full range of organic and local SEO services. This includes keyword research, website audits, on-page optimization, technical SEO, content creation, link building, local listings, site speed optimization, and more.

How much do SEO experts charge in Bangladesh?

SEO expert fees in Bangladesh vary based on experience, skills, and the types of services provided. On average, you may be charged 30,000 to 150,000 BDT per month for organic SEO and 10,000 to 50,000 BDT per month for local SEO.

How can I learn SEO skills in Bangladesh?

You can learn SEO through online courses, training institutes, YouTube tutorials, and seeking mentorship from experts. Joining communities, reading blogs, attending conferences, and analyzing competitor sites also help improve SEO skills.

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